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Mercedes 2016 - 2017 Campaigns

Successfully launch numbers of above the line campaigns from outdoor campaign, after sales toolkit and  press.

Project role : Associate Creative Director / Art Director

Key visual for the campaign from top to bottom:
1. Mercedes CLA Rockstar Launch
2. E-class Launch campign
3. V-class Elizabeth house
4. Safety Campaign
5. Mercedes After Sales
6.  Topgear insert
7.  S-class campaign

420x280_CLA_Rock_Star_M01_V1_Comin_EN_lowres-1 copy.jpg
160614 MB E-Class Launch Master Print AW_r2-1 copy.jpg
CONFIRMED_CB2D_Elizabeth house No copy.JPG
MERCEDES0068 Safety Campaign_leaflet artwork_01122017-1 copy.jpg
MERCEDES0068 Safety Campaign_leaflet artwork_01122017-2 copy.jpg
MBHK - Kwai Chung Print_Magazine_TOPGEAR_211x285mm_V5_OL-1 copy.jpg
Mercedes Benz-S-Class HKEJ FrontCoverWrapper-1 copy.jpg